So this is my artblog! where I will mostly be posting drawings of games I like or other stuff I like sometimes to..

I'm a 19yr old student from Australia, learning Animation and Interactive media at RMIT and in my second year.

All art posted is by me unless otherwise stated, most reblogs are probably not though..


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ah my gosh your art is incredible!! your color style is so great!! found you and your sister on society6, as soon as i can scrape up enough money i'm totally going to get some stuff there, so cool. <333

Thank you! I’d love to see how it turns out if you buy some stuff! I’ve only brought a few things from society6 and it’d be cool to see the real thing! I’ll make sure to post when some deals for free shipping and things come up in case anyone wants to wait for a discount!

Some supernatural chibis that will probably be stickers soon! Never thought I’d draw supernatural fanart, since its a little to serious for my style.. but anyway have these cuties..

sorry for the watermarks

One of my favorite ghibli movies! Spirited away.Going to be a print at an upcoming convention!

idk its sad

A Pikmin parody based on this video

You can probably guess what I’ve been doing.. Here are some of my favorite characters in my favorite track! This took forever to finish..

love wendy

The colour challenge thing! Love the new zelda design for hyrule warriors, but it is very complicated.. Anyway heres zelda in no.7!

I hope I was allowed to mix the colours and stuff?

send me more requests and I’ll try to get some more done!

My first 3D model ever! We had to remodel an environment or room from a popular 3D film, I chose Wreck-It Ralph! Sorry for the flickering, Maya didint like my big file.. Had to do modelling, texturing, lighting and camera animation.



gon do it 

Can’t hold back any longer. I wanna do it too.

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